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Welcome To Nam-mic CellCard

Where You Get More.

Nam-mic CellCard is a safe way to pay for goods and services without carrying cash,
saving you money through low transactional costs and special pre-negotiated discounts!
If you understand a debit card or cell phone banking, then you will quickly learn how to
use your Nam-mic CellCard.

The Nam-mic CellCard is unique because it has been designed to SAVE you money ensuring
that you can give / get more. There is a monthly fee of N$ 3.75 which is deducted off your
available balance at the end of the month. If you do not have money in your account
your account will still remain active. You pay when you use your card and when there is
money in your account. This is ‘pay as you use banking’ suited for your pocket. The monthly
fee is deducted off discounts earned during the month. Then, for some of the transactions,
there will be a small fee but we are making it the lowest fees that you will have to pay for a
bank account in the market today. This is affordable banking – compare our fees and you
will see how much you will save.

Because you receive discounts on many of your purchases, most of your transaction fees
are paid for by discounts earned when you swipe to pay. The Nam-mic CellCard is the
easiest way to spend, save and budget.